September 20, 2014
Life and everything in it, is a privilege. Never an entitlement.

This is a simple yet impactful idea on how our attitude at life should be. I am glad that I was given the chance to be exposed to it, to experience it and to digest this very idea into my life.

How often were we given the chance to own or have access to certain privileges but as time goes by, the beauty of it being special turns into a must-have, and we gradually assumed it as our entitlement.

If we were to lose the ‘entitlement’, we will develop negative emotions towards the loss. Anger, despair, regret… To name a few. But let’s think back, if we were to lose the ‘entitlement’ when it was still a ‘privilege’, will we ever feel what we would have felt?

August 17, 2014
He loves me.

Met up with Architects to cycle on this year’s National Day. Though half of the participants (including me) do not know how to cycle, but hey! We managed to pick up cycling in just 30 minutes with the guidance of the other 3. :)

But the main point of this post is not about us cycling, but about a friend, a friend who loves me.

Towards the end of the day, we were cycling back to return the rented bikes, I accidentally knocked a kid over at a bend (going to skip the details) and his parents came over. The mum was checking out her kid to ensure that he was fine from the knock, however the dad with his hot tempered attitude was creating trouble and making a big fuss out of nothing (the kid just had a scratch on his arm), behaving like a overly protective father who will not allow his son to come to any tiny harm. Me being someone who will want to escape trouble was caught in the situation with the dad being unreasonable. At this point, my friend actually argued back with the dad…

What makes me realised how much he loves me was:

1. He does not seem like a person who will confront others due to conflict but yet he stood up for me in the midst of it.
2. He argues back with the dad in Mandarin when he can’t even speak in proper Mandarin.

He did not behave like himself and move away from the conflict, instead he fought for me. He placed himself at a disadvantage in the argument by using a language that he was not confident in.

That is what love is, isn’t it? To protect the person regardless of what happen, to focus on the person (who will receive our acts of love) instead of ourself (our own discomfort and preference). Yet in this world, how many of us while loving another manage to shift the focus from self to them?

Thank you for your courage and choice, and the love you have for me.

Thank you, Darren.

May 12, 2014
People that matters and memories that resounds for that very 3 years.

Earlier this month on the 9th, I met up with Architects and went back to Ngee Ann Polytechnic for HI! Club’s Opening Ceremony.

This very special group of people, they are the Architects. Formed as a group of programmers for a camp, we have been together as one since February 2011. Though the strength wasn’t full for this meet up but being an impromptu one, 4/6 is excellent. :)

NP’s HI! Club’s OC. As I stepped inside and experience the OC, looking at the new blood, I remembered the times I had, and the way I have grown:

- As a student who just sits down and enjoy the performances the ceremony has to bring.
- As an instructor interacting with the students during class time to ease them into the club and class.
- As a committee member who has to ensure the event runs smooth.
- As an interpreter of the emcee to deliver the show to the deaf (of course I was nervous).
- As a young performer who is performing for the first time, whose signing was really not up to standard (forgetting lyrics, signing awkwardly…)
- As an experienced performer who put in effort to put on a good show (well, at least much more confident and daring and capable than before)

Looking back, I grew and I learnt. Though a year or so later, I will not be able to recognize any faces of the club, I will never forget this very club that I was in, and it’s very culture that I lived in.

April 27, 2014
Goals & Bucket List.

I used to think why do people have a Bucket List or something, until I find myself wasting precious time in National Service not learning anything useful for some (or maybe most) of the time. That’s when I realised I need and I want to improve myself and get certain things done. (Well, another reason to list them down because I am getting old and my memory is failing.)

So here goes…


  • Learn to pick a lock
  • Learn cooking
  • Volunteer! :D (23rd August 2014. #TouchSilentClub)
  • Update this tumblr. more regularly
  • Read a book every month
  • Learn to ride a bicycle (9th August 2014. #achievementunlock)
  • Learn to play the piano
  • Pick up a martial art
  • Learn driving
  • Join a marathon
  • Learn a new language

Bucket List:

  1. Travel to Taiwan (What’s not to love about Taiwan? :D)
  2. Travel to Australia
  3. Travel to Finland (GLASS IGLOO!)
  4. Catch the Northern Borealis
  5. Witness a Ground-to-Cloud lightning

Hope this added page will serve as a timely reminder in my life to do things that are worth my time and not waste it away. :)

March 31, 2014
Forgiveness is one of the most powerful expression of Love.

Mistakes were made and hurt has been done, and it was the other party’s fault. Holding on to it will render nothing for both but only resentment in the relationship. Love flourishes only in an environment of forgiveness; not mistakes.

Forgive and let the mistakes go. There is this special connection between the parties when one forgives another. That connection mitigates the pain and builds a bond that speaks louder than love itself.

So I plead for the capacity in my love that matter what, when, or why; I will be able to forgive (and to be forgiven by) those I love.

March 22, 2014
Start of Something New.

Let’s hope that this will be the first of many.

This shall be a platform where I am free to voice anything on my mind.